LaLiga grass must stay green

Ensuring that the grass is green is one of the new marketing strategies of LaLiga, the league’s marketing director has revealed.

A number of audio-visual initiatives were introduced this season to force clubs to make their stadiums look better on TV in order to cash in on Spain’s broadcasting deals, including rejuventating stadiums and focusing crowds where TV cameras can see them, whilst also ensuring that the grass on the pitch is green.

"The problem with Spain is that it's really hot in summer. If you look, in September in some of the stadiums, the grass was yellow. We now talk to the clubs on how the groundkeepers must make sure it is proper green,” said the league’s marketing director, Adolfo Bara.

"You see LaLiga and sometimes the light is good, sometimes not; some grass is green, some grass is yellow – the problem is, it's not consistent.

"For us, it's very important that when someone watches a football game, they know it's La Liga no matter which team is playing.

"It's going to take another year, but we will get there."