Sporting denounced for Inaki chants

La Liga has contacted the Anti-Violence Commission over the racist abuse directed at Inaki Williams by part of the Sporting Gijon crowd.

Referee Clos Gomez stopped the match part-way through the first half after the Athletic Bilbao forward was targeted by racist abuse, with the League denouncing Sporting.

A message was shown on the big screen asking fans not to repeat the offensive chants and Sporting have condemned the fans responsible.

Gomez noted in his report he stopped the match and spoke to the match delegate after little more than 20 minutes because of ‘monkey’ noises, and that after the display on the big screen, there was no further incident.

Inaki meanwhile has been quoted in the Basque Press saying ‘it’s a shame there are people like this,’ while Athletic also supported their player and condemned the fans at El Molinon.

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