Torres: Liverpool made me a traitor

Fernando Torres feels Liverpool used him as a scapegoat when he left Anfield for Chelsea in 2011, when he was anxious for silverware.

Torres joined the Blues from the Reds for £50m and has complained in a new book that he was used as a way of shifting blame from the club, as he was impatient to win trophies.

“They wanted to bring in young players, to build something new. I was thinking to myself, this takes time to work. It takes two, three, four, maybe even 10 years,” Torres told Simon Hughes’ Ring of Fire, according to Sky Sports.

“I didn't have that time. I was 27 years old. I did not have time to wait. I wanted to win. Here we are five years later and they are still trying to build – around the same position in the league as when I left.

“It was presented as if I was a traitor. It was not like this in the discussion. Liverpool could not admit they were doing something wrong with the whole team. They had to find a guilty one.”

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