Enrique backs Supercopa reform

Barcelona boss Luis Enrique insists the Supercopa would be “a better spectacle” if the tie was rolled into a single match.

Spain’s iteration of the Super Cup has always been a two-legged tie, despite its English, Italian and German counterparts adopting the single-match format, and Enrique admits he would have preferred Barca facing Sevilla in just the one game.

“Sevilla have changed in a technical sense and Sampaoli has his own philosophy that I like,” the Coach said at a Press conference ahead of Sunday’s first leg in Andalusia.

“If they were already dangerous, now they are more so. They’re tight-knitted, well-structured and have strengthened well.

“They’ve spent years being a reference in Europe and will remain so. I like what I’ve seen of them.

“No [on the Supercopa being a ‘thorn’]. We have little or no ‘thorns’ at all, but what we don’t want is that our opponents do better than us and congratulating him [on their win].

“We’ll analyse numbers in the future. It’s an important trophy and starting [the season in] the best way would be ideal. We know that we’ll be playing on a hot pitch and through the temperature of August in Seville.

“[On Jorge Sampaoli], I haven’t been lucky enough to face him yet. I like his attacking philosophy and that he offers his fans something attractive. If you like Barca is that has good taste. I wish you success.

“[Luciano Vietto] and other players have joined [Sevilla], besides what they already had. Usually they have a good transfer window. They’re a team in progress, which is common and general.

“[On reforming the Supercopa], definitely. Unifying the tie would ensure the players rested better, and the spectacle wouldn’t be affected.

“Instead, we’re being touched by Mr. Business and there’s a lot of money at stake. There would be fewer injuries and a better spectacle for the viewer [if it was just one game].

“We’ve arrived [for the tie] as planned. We’ve had a good preseason, without any torturous traveling and jet lag.

“We’ve arrived in good condition. It’s not comparable to that of last season’s European Super Cup, when we had extra time and then five hours of travelling just 48 hours before the Supercopa.”

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