Las Palmas new boy ‘in kidnap plot’

Las Palmas new boy Mateo Garcia was involved in an alleged kidnap plot shortly before his move to Gran Canaria on Friday.

La Voz del Interior cites a statement from police commissioner Gustavo Piva that two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to assault Garcia in the neighbourhood of Alta Cordoba.

“At 11pm [last weekend], I was leaving a friend to go back home, and as soon as I left, three guys put me in a car; they asked me for my belongings,” the teenage winger told Radio Mitre 810.

“They told us [Garcia and his friend] to stay still and a police car passed by. My friend honked [the wheel] and the police stopped and realised what was happening.

“The subjects tried to flee. Of the three, only one succeeded [in fleeing] and the police arrested two of them.”

It has since emerged that one of the men arrested was a fan of Instituto, the club Garcia left to join Las Palmas on a four-year contract.

The 19-year-old also hinted that he may have been the victim of a failed robbery instead as he added to the radio station, “thank God that nothing was stolen.”

Image courtesy @InstitutoACC via Twitter

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