Monje: Neymar cost €19.3m

Barcelona’s Vice-President for economics, Susana Monje, puts the cost of the signing of Neymar at €19.3m.

Sport notes Monje explained that figure is arrived at by €17.3m paid to Santos for the rights to the forward and a further €2m for being a finalist to win the Ballon d’Or, and other payments regarding his transfer are considered part of his salary.

“It was an exceptional operation for a Ballon d’Or finalist with a great future. I also want to congratulate the player for choosing Barca, since we know he had offers from other clubs,” Monje added.

“I don’t agree with figures given at other times. I don’t know where [a reported fee of] €86m came from. It’s apples and oranges.”

Monje also confirmed €1.5m has been put aside in the club’s accounts in case of any further tax issues, but stressed dealings with the treasury are ‘administrative’ and not ‘criminal.’

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