Neymar: Why can’t I socialise?

Neymar responded gruffly to questions about his social life as the Barcelona forward prepares to represent Brazil at the Olympic Games.

AS reports Neymar at a Press conference in his homeland in which he was asked by a journalist about his commitment to the national team, the implication being that Neymar was more interested in partying than playing.

“You have to see what I do on the pitch. My private affairs are mine. I’m very calm about that, I have my mistakes and I’m not perfect but I have friends and family, why can’t I go to a club? I can and I will, I don’t see any problem,” he countered.

“On the pitch I always give everything. You ask your questioned with bad intentions and I answer without malice. If you were 24, if you had won everything that I have, would you be like me? That’s what I ask.”

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