‘Europe has to be saved from Villar’

Miguel Angel Galan, a candidate to replace Angel Maria Villar as Spanish Football Federation President, doesn’t want him at UEFA either.

Villar is standing to be UEFA President, having had the role on an interim basis following Michel Platini’s suspension, and Galan, in an interview with AS, was asked if it was better for him that Villar wins the UEFA vote, as he has confirmed he’d stand domestically if he’s beaten.

“I’ll make a complaint to the ethics committee so he can’t stand [in the UEFA vote]. If he fails the integrity test, they’ll send him back. I don’t want Villar to be UEFA President or our President. I think you have to save Europe from lousy management,” Galan said.

“What we don’t want for ourselves, we can’t want for the rest. If he was at UEFA, the regional Presidents would be the wave all day.

“He’s not done anything good in the last 10 years. The first 18 were a benevolent dictatorship, modernising the Federation. The transition was made well. But in the last decade he’s put Spanish football at the tail of European football. And I don’t mean Real Madrid or Barcelona or the national team. That’s not all Spanish football is.

“Villar is the representative of the Coaches, the players and above all, football isn’t about the professionals. Spanish football needs a bailout, a regeneration.”

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