Ganso ‘ready for Europe’

Paulo Henrique Ganso believes he is ‘ready for Europe’ as he is presented as a Sevilla player.

Ganso arrives from Sao Paulo and said at a Press conference that he will do his best to adapt to however Jorge Sampaoli wants him to play, and that he has heard good things about La Liga and Sevilla.

“At 26 I was ready to make the jump to Europe. I think I’ll adapt as well as possible but you can always do better. I’ll adapt to what Sampaoli needs, deeper or further forward, but I will do what he decides. I’m a player with a lot of will and attitude,” he said, Estadio Deportivo reports.

“Neymar has spoken of La Liga and Luis Fabiano said a lot of good things about this club. There are great players with very good qualities here and we will adapt well to make Sevilla better. Sampaoli is doing great work.

“I’m fully recovered and ready to train and play. I said goodbye to Sao Paulo with a lot of happiness, emotional and grateful to everyone.”

Sporting director Monchi meanwhile confirmed Ganso is 100% Sevilla’s despite part of his registration having been owned by a third party.

“There is no investment group, and by law it’s not allowed for investment funds to have future percentages. The whole negotiation was with Sao Paulo and he’s signed for the next five seasons,” he added.

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