Enrique: When will I leave Barca…?

Luis Enrique insists he’ll only leave Barcelona when he’s too tired to go on or the club gives him the heave-ho.

Enrique was speaking to reporters at his first Press conference of the summer and was asked about his future as he enters the last year of his contract.

“I’d have contracts for 15 days or a month, and then it’s not a problem for the club to compensate you. But that’s not viable, so I have nothing to talk about. The future doesn’t worry me at all. I only live in the present,” he said, Mundo Deportivo reports.

“I’ll leave Barca the day they throw me out or when I have no enery or enthusiasm. When the season ends I’ll see how I am. If I don’t train Barca from then it’s because I need to rest, not because I want to do something else.”

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