‘Barca’s Messi campaign totally wrong’

Secretary of State for Sport Miguel Cardenal criticises Barcelona’s pro-Lionel Messi campaign as ‘totally wrong.’

Barca launched a social media campaign in support of the forward after he was given a 21-month sentence for tax fraud but Cardenal has told reporters the club should accept the judgement of the court.

“If the aim of this campaign is to raise a complaint over a court decision, it is totally wrong. We are in a modern democracy with an independent and competent judiciary. We must respect and abide by these decisions, not make campaigns of this type to disagree with a judgement in this case,” he said, AS reports.

“I think this player or any other would be very happy to live in a country with an advanced system such as we have for social protection, education and health. It’s based on compliance with the rights and duties of citizens.”

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