Segunda B captain dies

Fran Carles, captain of Segunda B club Linares Deportivo, has died at the age of just 26 from multiple organ failure.

According to Diario de Jaen, Carles was operated on Friday morning after he had torn a thigh muscle and suffered a haemorrhage that spread to his kidneys, affecting several vital organs.

The newspaper explains how the midfielder took a blow to his thigh from a gym weight but, despite the initial pain, did not give the incident too much importance.

It was then on his return to Linares when he began feeling dizzy, and he was soon rushed to hospital, where he was diagnosed with multiple organ failure, caused by a muscle rupture and internal bleeding.

Doctors carried out emergency surgery on the player, but it failed to save his life and he died around midday local time on Friday.

Image courtesy @Linares_Dptvo via Twitter

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