Del Bosque ‘made Casillas mistake’

Vicente del Bosque feels he made a mistake going public with Iker Casillas’ unhappiness but the ex-Spain Coach reveals they’ve made amends.

Del Bosque said after La Roja bowed out of Euro 2016 that captain Casillas wasn’t content with being dropped from the starting XI for David De Gea, but told Al Prime Toque that he handled the situation badly – but so did Casillas.

“It’s like with a child when they do something bad and you scold them. They won’t speak to you for two days and then they’re crazy trying to fix it. It was an uncomfortable situation for him, he thought he should play or deserved an explanation. Maybe I was unfair or late with that explanation,” AS quotes Del Bosque as saying.

“I didn’t think it would get so much coverage. I spoke very well about Iker as a professional. It was a situation easy to solve because we’ve had a good relationship for many years. I shouldn’t have said what I said about Iker and I made a mistake.

“We’re all human, not perfect, we’re full of imperfections. People talk about me like I’m a saint but I’m like everybody else. It’s impossible to have 23 players all happy.”

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