Sampaoli promises attacking Sevilla

Jorge Sampaoli vows his Sevilla team will be an attacking one and says the ‘ambition’ of the club is what attracted him.

Sampaoli has been confirmed as the successor to Paris Saint-Germain-bound Unai Emery, signing a two-year deal, and has spoken about the job he has undertaken.

“This is such an important club, which has won so much, it’s a big responsibility but also very exciting for everything that’s ahead. I’m excited to keep trying to do great things and to get the team to where we can compete with the best. More than the team is the possibilities, the ambition,” he told Sevilla’s official website, Estadio Deportivo reports.

“I’m tremendously passionate about attacking. They’ll see a Coach who never wants to stop being a protagonist. For that we need a rebellious group who will drive to make this team as respected around Europe as it is today.

“The only thing I can promise people is that the idea that binds us isn’t going to change, we’ll judge it on results, but we’ll be an extremely attacking team that allows us to control and seek our objectives and not wait for them to find us. I hope I can meet the expectations of the fans and the team.”

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