Alves: I don’t rest on my laurels

Dani Alves reveals he left Barcelona for Juventus in search of a new challenge, and talks Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi.

Alves has been presented by the Serie A champions after completing his Barca departure, and explained why he felt the time had come to move on from Camp Nou.

“I don’t like to rest on my laurels and I always want new challenges, so I decided to leave,” he confirmed, AS reports.

Mascherano has also been strongly linked with Italy and though Alves doesn’t know if his former teammate will make the same move, he acknowledged he’d be happy if he did.

“He’s one of the players I most value. I usually talk football with him very often and it would be a great honour to share this adventure with him,” he added.

“It doesn’t depend on me but on both clubs and Mascherano. It would be an honour because he has the right spirit to be a part of Juve.”

Messi has meanwhile quit international football after Argentina were beaten in the Copa America Final and offered his support to his ex-colleague.

“I didn’t see the game because it was on late and I had commitments. No one can take away Leo’s greatness. It’s a pleasure to be his friend. He should be with people who respect him and not with those who disparage him. It’s a minority who criticise him and he shouldn’t give them importance,” he advised.

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