Alba slams Spanish Press

Jordi Alba has slammed the Spanish Press for “making up” stories of disharmony in the country’s Euro 2016 camp ahead of Italy on Monday.

Spain’s preparations for the tournament were marred by David de Gea’s involvement in a sex-abuse scandal, while Pedro Rodriguez was forced to clarify an earlier claim that he disliked being part of the national team without playing, but Alba insists talk of problems have been stirred up by the media.

“The bad atmosphere is believed by you [journalists], not us,” the Barcelona left-back said at a Press conference.

“You can ask any player, we’re very quiet. The problem is when people express their opinions.

“We’re calm… It’s not all made by the Press, but the vast majority of it is.

“In the last European Championship, our first game was a tough duel [with Italy]. The final was the best match we had [at the tournament].

“We scored four goals, but we now face a new national team and they can take advantage of situations.

“Hopefully the situation will be like that of 2012, but I don’t think it’ll be the case,

“[Spain’s young players] have already played in Champions League finals and other major competitions.

“I can’t give them advice, but I believe the lads have a lot of experience and know how to handle these types of games.

“There’s no bad feeling [with Pedro Rodriguez]. It’s his opinion and we’re all together. The Press create controversy. There’s never been any problem and we get along great.”

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