Jemez: Granada an honour

Paco Jemez describes his appointment at Granada as ‘an honour’ and says ‘few people should be more excited than me.’

Jemez left Rayo Vallecano at the end of the season and has been presented by the Andalusians, along with new sporting director Javier Torralbo.

“There should be few people more excited than me at this moment. It’s an honour for me to come to a club like Granada, especially for the project the club has in mind for the future, which has captivated me from the beginning and has been one of the important reasons I’m here today,” Jemez said, according to his new club’s official website.

“The objective is to provide a framework for the team to have a clear identity. I want the fans looking forward to the weekend to see the team, I want the team to have the fans on their feet, not sitting eating sunflower seeds. As Coach my main objective is to give people something to enjoy, for them to see good football and the project is something more long-term that at the end we can be fighting for things that until now haven’t been possible.

“I think this can be a very nice project, people coming wanting to do important things, to grow Granada, and that’s what we need. The difference isn’t taking a team and making it better or worse but making it bigger. That’s a very nice challenge that motivates me a lot.

“I can’t promise results. No one has the magic formula to know or say what results you’ll get in the season. What I can assure all Granada fans of is that they will be proud to see their team play, that it’s not only about what you do with the ball but sacrifice, attitude and commitment to the team. The fans have to feel proud beyond the result. That’s what I’ve done at every club and I hope here is no exception.”

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