Raiola: Madrid should sell Kroos

Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola believes Real Madrid should sell Toni Kroos and “buy a new team” with the money they recoup.

Kroos’ brother Felix, also a footballer, claimed last week that the midfielder was worth €120m plus Pogba – as opposed to vice versa – and Raiola sarcastically agreed that Madrid should cash in on the German if such an offer came calling.

“[Pogba has dominated the market] for two years and it’ll stay that way. We’re used to it. Hopefully he’ll be the star [of the market] for the next 10 years,” he told Marca.

“We’re very calm. I talk a lot with him, but we’ve had a very clear idea since last summer. Four teams reached an agreement with Juventus, but Paul wouldn’t leave any because he was very clear on which technical path to follow, and that’s much more important than money.

“He wants a project that he feels good in, with a brand of football that he likes and people who have faith in him. He likes his team to have clear ideas, a project, and some big clubs don’t have them.

“He’d have no problem staying at Juve. He’s very happy with Juve and Juve are very happy with him. We’re talking to two or three teams and Paul likes some of them a lot because of their sporting project, but he wants tranquillity during the Euros.

“It’s no secret [that Madrid are one of the clubs]. Every year I meet with Madrid, but also with [Manchester] United, Barcelona, ​​[Manchester] City, Liverpool, Chelsea … it’s my job.

“In the last two years, my relationship with Real Madrid has been clear and professional. It never existed before. Now there’s serious dialogue, which is a good thing. They know my character and how I am. I also understand the needs of Madrid.

“There’s absolutely no [problems dealing with Madrid]. We’re talking without any problems. I have a good relationship with Jose Angel Sanchez, who is the CEO. We know what he wants, but nothing has been decided.

“We’re only talking. [Zinedine] Zidane’s will is important, plus the will of the club. We’re in the initial phase and not negotiating [a transfer] yet.

“The two parties know what they want and we’ll see if in the end we can close a deal, or whether it ends in a divorce. The atmosphere is very positive.

“[On who else is interested in Pogba], sheikhs, everyone. He’s an extraordinary talent. There’s no-one like him in the market, although [Toni] Kroos’ brother says he is worth €120m…

“[Pogba] is worth what the market offers. If I were Real Madrid, I’d sell [Kroos] and buy a new team, really. I’m not the person who decides the value of a player. His value is decided by whoever buys him.

“Juve don’t want to sell. They’re a gentleman’s club and always have been. When we extended his contract, we agreed that if there was another project that Pogba liked and could make him a better player, Juve would have to negotiate within reason.

“He could’ve been [the most expensive player in history] had Juve accepted [what was offered] last summer, but it’s not the aim of Pogba or mine for him to be the most expensive.

“It’s to go to a project where he can be the best and win every trophy. It’s logical and right that he’ll decide where he goes.

“I ask [Pogba] to be happy. Happiness is the most important thing. I’m concerned about the project [he’ll choose]. I want to help him and hope he chooses the fairest option. When [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic chose Barca, I had every possible doubt imaginable.”

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