Isco implicated in Torbe case

A protected witness has named Real Madrid midfielder Isco as the third player in the Torbe sexual assault case.

Isco has previously denied any involvement in allegations of sexual abuse stemming from an investigation into pornographer Ignacio Allende, known as Tobe, with David De Gea and Iker Muniain also rejecting the allegations as false.

AS reports a television programme, hosted by Ana Rosa Quitana, broadcast on Telecinco, has published a statement by a protected witness in which Muniain and Isco are named as involved and De Gea as the intermediary in setting up the players with Torbe.

The witness also alleges cocaine was present in the room, that she and another woman were physically abused and that the sexual acts that allegedly took place were not consensual.

It’s added by the witness that she contacted two of the players in an effort to obtain prove of their involvement.

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