Masche: Hard to leave Barca

Javier Mascherano admits “it’s very difficult to leave” Barcelona as the club “have made me know that they have no intention of seeing me leave”.

Mascherano had been tipped to join Dani Alves in departing Barca for Juventus, but the speculation has since cooled down and the defender-midfielder confessed it would have been wrong of him to go against his employers’ wishes.

“Barca have made me know that they have no intention of seeing me leave,” the Argentine told Ole.

“They’re very happy with me, and when a club – this club even more so – put you under these conditions, it’s very difficult to leave, especially considering that I won’t force anything. There’s always the possibility of leaving, but also staying.

“I have contract with Barcelona. As the sporting director [Robert Fernandez] said, we’ve spoken since January until now, not only professionally but personally.

“I share a great relationship with everyone here, including the club’s leaders. They know what I think.

“They’ve treated me very well and I have no complaints, although sometimes things happen that make you rethink certain things.

“Still, I won’t do anything to cloud my relationship with Barcelona. It’s always been very good, and the day I leave the club, I don’t want to leave with a bad taste in my mouth.”

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