Monchi: I need to rest

Monchi has explained his reason for asking to leave Sevilla is not to take another job elsewhere but ‘I needed to rest, simply that.”

The sporting director’s request to be let out of his contract, which runs until 2020, sparked gossip he was bound for Everton, Milan or Manchester United, but the man himself has told Sevilla’s radio station that’s not the case, as he realised something needed to change when he was more bothered by three straight La Liga defeats than he was happy with the team’s Europa League success.

“I didn’t want to leave Sevilla with a bad taste. I decided to take the step so on Monday I spoke to the Council. I couldn’t have picked a worse day, as the President [Jose Castro] had a much more important issue than Monchi and for that I’m sorry,” he said, AS reports.

“I asked them to let me leave, because I’m aware of the terms of my contract. I needed to rest. Simply that. I wasn’t aggressive because I had offers, but because I know Monchi better than anyone. If it’s not immediately resolved then I don’t get what I wanted, which is rest.

“There is a contract and a clause. I wish they had appreciated my need but they have done what they had to do. When I asked to leave it is the first time in 28 years I have put Monchi ahead of Sevilla. I won’t pay the clause, no. I couldn’t leave by the back door.

“I have to publically thank everyone who supported me, and yes, apologise to those who have suffered, have doubted or been hurt. I say the same thing, I just wanted to relax and unwind. There won’t be any after-effects. Of course, I still need to rest but there are ways to alleviate it so that mental block doesn’t occur again.

“If anything I’m going to deliver more than ever, because I owe the fans that effort. My greatest joy is to make the fans happy and that will again be the target.

“I was asked if I saw another solution [than leaving] and the only one I could see was to get a new brain. I’ll try to change things without slowing down in my way of working. That I can’t change, but there are things we will try together. I won’t lift a millimetre off the throttle.”

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