Lawyer: Messi ready to counterattack

Lionel Messi’s lawyer says the Barcelona forward is ready to “counterattack” the prosecution when he attends his tax-fraud trial on Thursday.

Messi and his father Jorge stand accused of defrauding the Spanish state to the tune of €4.1m between 2007 and 2009, prompting calls of 22-months imprisonment for the pair if they are found guilty, but Enrique Bacigalupo insists the Barca star is in a relaxed mood ahead of the hearing.

“Leo is fine, he’s very calm and he will arrive on Thursday to testify,” he told reporters.

“A general never reveals his strategy before a war, but our strategy will be on the counterattack, depending on the attacks from the prosecution.

“[On Messi arguing that he had not read the contracts he signed], if he said that then that’s the truth.”

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