‘Madrid must run, run, run & run’

Zinedine Zidane has insisted that Real Madrid “must run, run, run and run” when they face Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday.

Diego Simeone admitted Madrid had more quality than Atleti in midfield areas, while acknowledging the firepower posed by their ‘BBC’ attack, but Zidane played down talk of any advantage for Los Blancos as he made it clear his side had to work hard off the ball.

“[Cristiano Ronaldo] is fine, 100 percent. He had some discomfort, but it wasn’t the same as what he felt in Manchester,” the Coach said at a Press conference.

“Atletico is a unit. They do everything as a team and don’t discount anyone, but we’re all focused and prepared for the final.

“The game will be very difficult for sure, but we know [what to expect] and we’re ready. Now, what the players want is for the match to get started.

“I don’t feel different [from being in a CL final as a Coach to a player], but it is different. I’m happy and I’m living an intense existence.

“Reaching a final isn’t easy and what they did was phenomenal. All we lack now is the icing on the cake.

“I see [our sensations] the same as they were in Manchester and more. We’re ready, that's the word. We’re ready to play.

“[On what’s changed under him], we’ve worked very hard, me being the first, to get here, but so have Atletico and we both deserve to be here.

“No-one can take away what we’ve done until now. Failure would only be down to attitude, if we didn’t give everything we had inside, but we’re prepared.

“Here, the idea is always the same: unity, effort, companionship and quality in every game. It’s a tough game and we know this, but we’re prepared. We also know how to suffer.

“It’s been three months [since the derby defeat] and we’re a little better in every way, although this in a final so that means nothing. There are no favourites

“[On whether he is relaxed], I’m a little stressed because I have to answer questions and it’s hot! I’ll be tenser on the pitch, but I like this pressure.

“I’ve experienced it as a player, but it has no bearing [on experiencing it] as a Coach. [Carlo] Ancelotti told me this before the final in Lisbon [the 2014 final], so for this I agree with Carlo.

“First, we must defend well, especially when you don’t have the ball. We have the weaponry to attack well, but we also have to run, run, run and run.

“What they do well, they do well with everyone, not just against Madrid. They’re in the final and that’s something [noteworthy], like us. We’ll see who wins this game.”

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