Bale: Madrid superior to Atletico

Gareth Bale doesn’t see a positon in which Atletico Madrid are stronger than Real Madrid. ‘We’re better in every position…’

Bale appeared on Cadena Cope on Tuesday and was asked about the Champions League Final, as well as the last time the sides met in the showpiece.

“The final will be a different game [than in 2014] but with hopefully the same result. I remember then Angel Di Maria shot and the goalkeeper had trouble reaching the ball. It was in the air for two days and I remember it reached the goal,” he recalled, AS reports.

“You can see this year’s final in two ways. Reaching a final is good. To not win would be a failure, but not as much as last year. We’re only thinking of winning it. It doesn’t matter who are favourites. There aren’t any for us. It’s a media thing.

“Both Barcelona and Atletico are good opponents. We’ve struggled against both but we have the ability to beat both and on Saturday we only think of winning, as we have done in the Champions League against both teams.

“All trophies are important. When we started the season we tried to win all that we played for. Now we can’t achieve the others we dream of the Champions League. I have good memories of San Siro.”

Bale was asked if he found it hard to play against Atletico and suggested he did, and then went on to echo Cristiano Ronaldo when asked which team is best, man-for-man.

“I prefer to play in space. Players prefer to do so in general. My game has improved in Spain. Atletico are a very physical team but we hope to counter it. We’ll have to defend. In recent months that’s something we’ve done better. We defend as a team and attack as a team,” he added.

“I’m sure Diego Simeone has his thoughts [on how Madrid will play] but we don’t know yet. I guess we’ll play as the match goes and be ready for anything, both on the counter-attack and with the ball. We have the better players. In all positions, Real Madrid are better.”

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