Pepe: Final my biggest game

Pepe believes the Champions League Final is the biggest game of his career but denies losing would be a failure for Real Madrid.

Pepe appeared before a Press conference with Coach Zinedine Zidane and was asked if Los Blancos would be in the game against Atletico Madrid if the Frenchman hadn’t been appointed in January.

“The Coach has made it possible. I don’t know what would have happened with Rafa Benitez. Football is like that. The Coach has taken us to the final and hopefully we’ll win the competition,” Pepe said, AS reports.

“Atleti have great quality. They fight together and are teammates. They’re a great team. It’s not fair to highlight anyone because they play as a team. It’ll be a good game for the fans.

“It’s not a failure if we don’t win. Failure would be if we weren’t a team and didn’t have the identity that brought us to the final but I’m sure that won’t happen. We’re excited to make history.

“It’s the biggest game of my career. We can continue to make history at this club. We’re privileged to be here and to play a final. We can realise a dream. There are no favourites. There are chances for us and for them. It’s 50-50. There are no favourites in games like this. We’re both well prepared and will do our best to win.”

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