Lippi: Cholo’s style has its charm

World Cup winning Coach Marcello Lippi has considered the style of La Liga’s top three, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

The veteran trainer was speaking at an event in Naples and was asked if he had a preference for the approach of La Blaugrana, Los Blancos or Los Colchoneros.

“You can win with Barca, but also Atleti or Los Merengues. There is no one way to win, everyone seeks their own way, whatever suits them best. That’s always how it was,” Lippi replied, AS reports, before turning to the Champions League Final between the Madrid clubs.

“[Atleti] defend well, but often show a very agreeable ‘calcio,’ always very organised. It’s not a fashion, for me. And certainly not anti-football…

“[Diego Simeone] has a style with a charm and it works very well, a child of the culture of Simeone and his ability to be very specific. That’s how he was as a player and he remains that was a Coach.

“Zinedine Zidane? He’s done very well, in truth. Zizou is unique, there’s no one like him. He can do whatever he wants, he’ll always be exceptional. On or off the field, perfect.

“Real Madrid and Atletico have had good seasons and they deserve [to be in the final] and fighting for the trophy, that’s for sure. It’s true they don’t play spectacular football, as has been said, but I consider it worthwhile.”

Lippi also praised Spanish football in general, noting La Liga’s success in Europe, and calling for the Italian game to follow suit.

“The results speak for themselves. This season Spain could have had four finalists in the European competitions. Sevilla won the Europa League and Madrid or Atletico will take the Champions League. And that’s with the national team not in great form,” he noted.

“There has to be an investment in the lower levels of our football. Look at Spain, the big players are born thanks to the attention paid to the youth systems. We need this here.”

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