‘Valencia will learn from mistakes’

Peter Lim has promised Valencia fans that “we’ll learn from our mistakes and move forward successfully” after a season of disappointment at Mestalla.

Lim’s first season as owner of Valencia in 2014-15 saw the club qualify for the Champions League, but 12 months later and Los Che went through three Coaches, including Gary Neville, before finishing a lowly 12th in La Liga, prompting the Singaporean’s leadership to come in for criticism.

“We will work doubly hard to find a better future. I’m convinced that we’ll learn from our mistakes and move forward successfully,” he began in an end-of-term message to supporters, Marca reports.

“I ask the fans to have a little patience and see the results. The vast majority of fans love the club and understand that, at this difficult time, we must give confidence to our players so they feel supported.

“The club have been on a marked path from day one: to be strong in Valencia, while growing internationally.

“A strong fan base and loyal fans is very important, but that doesn’t mean neglecting the Valencian fans, who are very, very important.

“For next season, we’ll work hard on the identity of the team and the club’s identity is key We base our philosophy on values and commitment to the club.

“Valencia should be above self-interest and individual interests. We must be strong to external pressures and offer stability, while maintaining our convictions.

“We’ll only be strong if we’re united at the club, for the badge. Those who don’t understand this can’t be part of our Valencia.

“Valencia now face the challenge of regaining the ground we’ve lost, but based on decisions of professionals and with the support of our great fans, if we’re united, we’ll succeed.

“La Liga is growing quickly, but the strength of Valencia is much greater than any bad season. It’s been an accelerated learning process, which is a positive conclusion to be drawn from last season, providing that it doesn’t happen again.

“If I’m at Valencia, it’s for two reasons: one, because I have the dream of creating a great club that is internationally-known and successful, making their fans proud, thus creating a feeling of union and making the club attractive to young people in Valencia and around the world.

“The second reason I’m here is because in the last 10 years, many people have mismanaged the club, to the extent of an economic bankruptcy, which prompted the need for a foreign investor to come and in and rescue it. Facts are facts.

“For me, honesty, credibility and integrity are a very serious matter and, as international investors, they are our greatest assets.

“We’re very surprised by the number of people who have made false accusations against us, just to promote their own interests.

“We won’t tolerate anyone who tries to damage the image of Valencia and our reputation. Yes, we’ve made mistakes, but I want the entire valencianismo to know that we are honourable people.”

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