Iniesta ‘won’t be playing at 40’

Andres Iniesta confessed “I don’t think I’ll still be playing at 40” as he reflected on Barcelona’s successes over the past decade.

Iniesta has played a key role in Barca’s dominance on the world stage since 2009 as his side look to win the Copa del Rey against Sevilla on Sunday for a 28th time in their history, but the 32-year-old acknowledged his presence in La Blaugrana’s midfield would not last forever.

“I don’t think I’ll still be playing at 40, but you never know. This season has made me happy for the positive feelings I’ve had, and they make me optimistic about the years to come. I hope to continue the good dynamics that I’ve had in the last few years,” he said at a Press conference.

 “I don’t think I’m aware of the magnitude of everything I’ve achieved professionally. It motivates me to continue winning trophies, and that number is still growing, but not only for myself because I want to make this club even greater.

“Everyone is fit and that’s very good for the Coach. The last game [of the season] is for an important trophy, and we’ll give everything to win it.

“I felt very good [being captain]. It’s great and special. It means many things. You represent your teammates and your club, and the players always agree on everything and talk to one another.

“[Our success of the past decade] has changed everything on positive level. This dynamic, of the last 10 or 12 years, I don’t know if any other club have had it.

“We don’t allow errors, slumps or going winless. If we don’t win a match, it concerns us and opinions are had.

“[On Esteladas], when football isn’t talked about, it always generates all kinds of debate and opinions. I try to be a little aloof. I just hope the fans have a good time and that the trophy makes everyone happier, beyond the flags.

“The club have already had their opinion. I keep mine to myself because [the media] can misinterpret it, both here and there. All I can hope for Barca to finish the game as winners of the cup.

“It’s true that all seasons have potholes. It came at the time it did, but the team turned it around to reach the moment we’re currently in.”

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