‘Sevilla going all out for Copa’

Unai Emery has warned Barcelona that Sevilla are going for Copa del Rey glory on Sunday “with all our strength”.

Sevilla come into the match on the back of lifting the Europa League for the third straight season, having defeated Liverpool 3-1 on Thursday, and Emery – while acknowledging a degree of exhaustion in his squad from the trip to Basel – insists “we’re favourites in our own minds”.

“[On Sunday, we have another final and we want to go for it with all our strength,” he said at a Press conference.

“We’re favourites in terms of desire. Playing this final is a gift for us.

“[On Saturday], we measured ourselves physically and the tests showed us to be a little tired.

“We need players who are 100 percent, but we’ll make evaluations [on Sunday].

“The team will respond because we’re very plugged in for the game. We’ll give the best of ourselves.

“We’ll have to adjust many things, such as playing well in defence and running a lot. Barca ask a lot of you.

“We’ve sacrificed a lot to reach the Copa del Rey final. Now that we have, we can’t say it doesn’t matter.

“[On Barca], it’s better not to quote Barcelona’s numbers because it ​​gives you the feeling that they start [the final] with a significant advantage.

“We expect a great Barcelona and we want to give them a great answer.”

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