‘Ronaldo had ice-baths at 3am…’

Former Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti claims Cristiano Ronaldo “bathed in ice at Valdebebas at 3am”, even if ex-partner Irina Shayk “was waiting at home”.

Speaking to the Financial Times on Friday, Ancelotti paid tribute to Ronaldo’s “amazing” professionalism – even if he made his point with his tongue firmly in-cheek.

“Cristiano Ronaldo bathed in ice at Valdebebas at three in the morning, even if Irina was waiting for him at home,” the Bayern Munich Coach-elect told the Financial Times.

“He doesn’t care about money, he just wants to be first.

“I can’t go into details, but I can tell you that it’s amazing how Cristiano Ronaldo has always cared more about his career than models and other things.”

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