Ceballos denies Getafe accusations

Real Betis’ Dani Ceballos denies saying he wishes ‘Getafe rot and disappear’ in the Segunda.

The midfielder was accused of making the comments after El Geta were relegated on Sunday after a defeat to the Seville side, but has said the allegation is wide of the mark.

“I wasn’t going to go into this but the accusation is false. It hurts me that my image has been sullied. It must be made clear that at no time did I mock the Getafe fans. I went out to win for the Betis fans, because they deserved joy and I am a professional. I want it to be clear that at no time have I harmed the Getafe fans or the players,” he insisted, AS reports.

“If someone believes that’s what happened, I apologise, but I repeat, that’s impossible, I never said that.

“When I wear the Betis shirt I defend it to the death. If I made a mistake, I apologise. I’ve got character, but I never wanted to hurt any fans after they suffered a very sad demotion. I’m young and this is based on experience. Hopefully I’ll be calmer in the future.”

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