Enrique: Barca must savour title

Luis Enrique has urged his Barcelona players and their fans to “appreciate and enjoy” their League title “as it deserves”.

Enrique won his second straight La Liga crown with Barca after Saturday’s 3-0 win at Granada, and he made it clear his side would not hold back in their celebrations as he admitted his relief at seeing a “very tough campaign” come to a glorious end.

“If you win the League, you can’t say it’s been a bad season because it’s the trophy for consistency,” the Coach said after the game.

“It shows that you’ve been at a very high level all season. If you think you’ve had a bad season then forget it.

“This league needs to be appreciated and enjoyed as it deserves. It was a very tough campaign and it took a lot out of us.

“I ask the fans to celebrate in style, including on the street, but in moderation.

“We deserved this League, more so because we managed to overcome the most delicate moments of a season.

“Everyone knows that in this country, speculation is always on the agenda [when asked about briefcases].

“[On the lawn being high and dry], one day we’ll play well on all dry pitches.

“In fact, on all the pitches we’ve lost on, only one of them came on a dry pitch. The rest were all wet and watered well.

“Our second goal came because the grass was dry and allowed [Dani] Alves to focus [on keeping the ball in].

“[On his celebrations], I’m boring at 46, but I know my players are preparing a big party.”

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