Zidane: No Granada bonuses

Zinedine Zidane has made it clear that Real Madrid will not pay any bonuses to Granada if they stop Barcelona in this weekend’s final round of La Liga games.

Granada goalkeeper Ivan Kelava forced to backtrack on a claim that an Andalucian draw or win against Barca would be remunerated by Madrid, the beneficiaries of such an outcome as the League title would be theirs, earlier in the week, while two of their players paraded briefcases containing €500 notes on live television.

However, the Coach said at a Press conference ahead of Los Blancos’ trip to Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday: “I won’t get into these things [referring to the Granada ‘briefcases’].

“We know what we need to do. We have a final, in which we must be at our best and pick up three points.

“There’s nothing else in our head, other than trying to win our game. I can’t say anything about other clubs.

“I’m only concerned about our game [on Saturday]. We hope to pick up three points and that’s it.

“[On bonuses for other teams], I don’t know what you [journalists] are talking about.

“I’m only focused on the game [on Saturday]. I know it’s the last Press conference of the season, but we’re just focused on our football.

“It’ll be difficult to be away from home. Deportivo are a good team and they’ll want to finish the season in the best way possible.

“We’ll be put under difficulty, but we’ll be focused on what we have to do.

“I won’t find out [what Granada do] until the end of the game. We don’t depend on ourselves, so all we can do is pick up the points and see what happens.

“We still have faith in [winning] the League. We’ve won our last 11 games and we’ll carry on believing until the last second of the game.”

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