Pako hopeful of Valencia job

Pako Ayestaran believes he is in a strong position to stay on as Valencia boss after Friday’s final visit of Real Sociedad in La Liga.

Reports have suggested that Pako’s chances of taking the job permanently have dwindled following a run of three games without victory, leaving Valencia at risk of ending the season outside the top 10, but the caretaker maintained “I’m one of the candidates” when posed the question at a pre-match Press conference.

“The club have given me until end of season, and I’m one of the candidates,” he said.

“In a few days, we’ll know if I am [the permanent Coach] or not.

“The club must be aware of what I can give to Valencia and then make a decision.

“I’ve always been calm. I took on this project with normality, and there’s one thing that has been forgotten: the club came looking for me.

“They felt I was the right choice at a difficult time.

“[The situation] is simple and I’m taking it calmly. I’m happy with the work I’ve done in the circumstances, which weren’t simple.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself and what has to happen will happen. I can wait a few more days and I’m not going anywhere yet.

“The days of [Sir Alex] Ferguson and co. are over. Coaches now have less time and less influence.

“Working in line with the club is a basic requirement. This is why clubs should know what they want [from their Coaches].

“When a project goes wrong then it’s because of many things.

“We must have the humility to analyse why the season went wrong and be able to straighten the ship.” 

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