Tebas: Some Primera players bet

Spanish League President Javier Tebas has admitted in an interview with El Mundo that ‘there are some Primera players who bet’.

Tebas was reacting to stories of the so-called ‘maletines’, or suitcases, that have once again reared their ugly head as teams get ready to settle the title and relegation issues.

“We are aware some players [in La Primera] bet, although we can’t give any names,” conceded Tebas. “They are not allowed to bet on the competitions they play in. It is a serious offence that is punishable not only by League rules, but also the Gambling Act.

“There are rumours and it is our duty to investigate. We are on with it. Bonuses for winning are the precursor to bonuses for losing and the two are totally prohibited.

“We receive information from rumours, from things that are spoken about in the dressing room, and we are working on that.”

Tebas went on to point the finger at the Spanish Football Federation, whom he accuses of not doing enough to stamp it out.

“It appears that in the second and third divisions it is not being monitored. This is the role of the Federation and allows criminals and match-fixers to operate unimpeded in these categories.

“[Federation President] Angel Villar has said he does not believe in these things, but now he has to believe them. It’s a problem of apathy and ignorance,” he concluded.

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