Castro criticises the King of Spain

Sevilla President Jose Castro has thrown a barb at King Felipe VI of Spain for not planning to attend his club’s cup finals this season.

Castro [pictured, left] is particularly miffed that the country’s Monarch was at two recent Champions League semi-finals involving Spanish teams, and claims the Andalusians are treated differently to others.

“The news we have is that the King will not attend our Europa League final in Basel,” revealed Castro at a function in Sevilla, AS reports.

“I am very respectful, but I also have to say that people are not stupid and see that His Majesty is able to go to two Champions League semi-finals [Atletico Madrid v Bayern Munich and Real Madrid v Manchester City] but couldn’t, for example, go to Sevilla’s final in Warsaw last year.

“It´s logical that if he’d have been in Warsaw then he would have come to Basel. Perhaps the sin of the Sevilla fans is that we are Andalusians in Spain and Spaniards in Europe.

“We always carry the Spanish flag on our chest,” he proclaimed.

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