Javier Tebas assures La Liga is paying close attention to every game to make sure the season ends without any favours.

It has been alleged in the past that teams have offered incentives to other teams with nothing to play for to encourage them to beat their rivals, with it suggested the situation could arise as Barcelona go to Granada, Real Madrid needing Jose Gonzalez’s side to win if they’re to have any chance of snatching the title on the final day.

“I don’t put any value in rumours. Madrid will comply with the rules and regulations, which do not allow incentives. We always have controls, for the integrity of football. We’ll look not only at Granada but all games, as we have done for the past two rounds, in which we’re more attentive than the rest of the season,” Tebas said, AS reports.

Tebas was also asked about Madrid’s win over Valencia, in which Rodrigo Moreno was dismissed, allegedly for something he said to an official.

“I didn’t see the game, I can’t give an opinion. The red card? The players have to respect the officials. We’re working so they’re not insulted any more from the stands than on the pitch.”

Sevilla are unhappy at the scheduling of their Week 38 fixture, with the Europa League Final against Liverpool the following Wednesday, but Tebas explained why Los Rojiblancos go to Athletic Bilbao on the Saturday, when they could have played on the Friday.

“We’ve grouped tougher the teams who are in Europa League contention. Also, we’re a television product. But we saw [on Sunday], Sevilla gave already started to rest their regulars, and if they continue on that line then playing Saturday won’t be a problem,” he argued.

Sevilla aren’t the only La Liga side with a European final, with the team Tebas supports, Madrid, facing Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.

“After the games yesterday I have to say I have doubts, but for their intensity in the semi-final, Atletico are the favourites,” he insisted.

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