Berizzo ‘very proud’ of Celta

Eduardo Berizzo dedicated Celta Vigo’s return to European football to ‘everyone at the club’ and said he is ‘very proud’ of his team.

Celta will compete in next year’s Europa League after 10 years without continental competition, as they will finish the season no lower than sixth after a win over Malaga.

“I would like to dedicate this position to everyone who works at the club. I feel like the fans are very proud of this team and I’ve felt proud in every game,” Berizzo said, AS reports.

Marca add that Berizzo thanked the players for investing in his methods, and explained his goal is about more than winning games.

“I can’t thank the players enough for making me better every day. I appreciate how they train,” he continued.

“Winning isn’t the only thing that’s important. It’s also how. That’s essential. I was asked when I arrived what my goal is. It’s to make people feel proud, which is great. I believe I’ve done that.”

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