Ayestaran: No win ‘bonuses’

Pako Ayestaran insists Valencia haven’t been offered any ‘bonuses’ to beat Real Madrid by Los Blancos’ rivals, and wouldn’t accept anyway.

There is a practice of one team offering another team a financial incentive to beat their rivals in the latter fixtures of the season, but Ayestaran told a Press conference that Los Che aren’t and wouldn’t be involved in such intrigue.

“I’ve never experienced that. Everyone depends on themselves. They know we don’t need anything extra and we wouldn’t accept it,” the Coach explained, AS reports.

“Everyone has earned what they have. For us, this is another game and if [Madrid] had done something more, they wouldn’t depend on this game. I don’t feel like we’ll decide La Liga.”

Ayestaran’s future as Valencia trainer remains unclear even after he met and dined with owner Peter Lim, a situation he says doesn’t concern him.

“Every club has its moment. I have the same passion and determination whether or not I’m here next year. There is time to decide and assess if they need more information on Pako Ayestaran for a decision. It doesn’t bother me,” he went on.

“I’m fortunate. My passion is the day to day. I have the same passion for Valencia as I would for another club. My professionalism doesn’t depend on knowing or not knowing. We talked about the current situation and how to end the season well. We’re ambitious.”

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