Tamudo: Derby win? After Leicester…

Raul Tamudo believes Espanyol can beat Barcelona in the weekend’s Catalan derby. ‘After Leicester’s example, how is it not possible?’

Tamudo referred to the surprise Premier League champions as an example and he has experience of beating Barca when they are going for the title, the ‘Tamudazo’ of 2007 regularly referenced in the build-up this week, when his goal deprived La Blaugrana of two points and gave the title to Real Madrid.

“Everyone’s been calling, but I understand the situation similar to nine years ago. It’s nice that these things are remembered even after I’ve retired. It shows you’ve done something good and important not only at a Catalan or Spanish level, but worldwide,” he told AS.

“I’ve seen everything in football. When Madrid lost the League at Tenerife, you’d have been mad to say it would happen again the following year. You have to play the game. Barca have a lot at stake but Espanyol also play for mathematical safety. It’s a derby. I hope Espanyol take at least a point.

“In the end, it’s a derby match and anything is possible. Leicester have given a kick to clubs who spend a fortune on players. It’s an example for any sport. How is it not possible to win a derby?

“Every time I go to Madrid they remember it, thank me. The last time was last weekend. But my joy was for my team, my fans. I wasn’t aware of what had happened. I just did what anyone would have done – go on the pitch, represent my club and try to win the game.”

Tamudo was asked if he sees Gerard Moreno as his successor at Cornella-El Prat, and what he’d give for a ‘Morenazo’ on Sunday.

“I hope Gerard scores a lot of goals for Espanyol and gives us a lot of wins. But you can’t compare. Give him time, because he’s young and he doesn’t need that pressure. We have to let him show what he is, as he did at Villarreal and has done here, which is that he’s a great player,” Tamudo replied.

“I don’t care who scores. A Michael Ciani goal is the same and we’re all happy. Why not? It could happen, for example, from a corner. Football continues to amaze. The important thing is that people are proud of Espanyol. If we win or draw we’re safe, we’re happy.”

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