Simeone: If we all had a Ferrari…

Diego Simeone defends Atletico Madrid’s style of play and says that there isn’t one right way of getting results.

Simeone has taken Atletico to their second Champions League Final in three years, with the opposition both times Real Madrid, and he was asked about the May 28 fixture in a radio interview.

“It’s not revenge, it’s a new opportunity. Last time we didn’t rest but this time we have 14 days to prepare before the final and to arrive in the best possible way,” he said, AS reports.

“It’s 50-50. We know a lot about them. What we’re doing will go down in history because we’re showing the world what we can do. Barcelona, Madrid, Bayern Munich, they’re better but beware, because we’re there.”

Atleti were criticised for their approach in knocking out Bayern in some quarters, with the side considered defensive by some, but Cholo explained the thinking behind his team.

“There are a lot of ways to play well. It’s clear that the objective is to win. If you’re on a national team you can choose how you play but…when you’re at a club where the budget varies from one number to another, it’s clear that first you have to work to win,” he began.

“If we all had a Ferrari that’d be one thing, but sometimes you have a Peugeot. We’re all right in football and the path can be reached in several ways. Then there is what you like and you can’t be angry with the opinions.

“I always tell the players the goal isn’t to reach the final but to win it. To get to that point you have to work day to day, be better than we are, because if you only focus on May 28 then you won’t get there in the best way. The players identify with what we propose and we’re very lucky for that.”

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