Torres: Opponent doesn’t matter

Fernando Torres doesn’t have a preference for Real Madrid or Manchester City as Atletico Madrid’s Champions League Final opponents.

El Nino spoke to BT Sport after helping Atleti past Bayern Munich in the semi-final, winning a penalty that was saved by Manuel Neuer, admitting the spot kick shouldn’t have been awarded as the foul, by Javi Martinez, was outside the box.

“I thought it was outside the box. It’s a quick play and sometimes the referee sees where the player goes down and it was inside. I saw the replay and it was clearly outside but in the end it didn’t change the final result so we don’t have to think about that,” Torres said, before discussing the showpiece in Milan on May 28.

“I want to win. We have the chance to write history, no one in Atletico has done it. It doesn’t matter the opponent, we want to win, we’re ready. We have beaten the champions of Holland, Spain, Germany, so it doesn’t matter. We’re ready to fight with everyone.”

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