Berizzo unfazed by SD exit

Eduardo Berizzo has asserted that his future at Celta Vigo will not be affected by the expected departure of sporting director Miguel Torrecilla.

Celta host Getafe in Monday’s La Liga offering, already in the knowledge that they will play in European competition next season thanks to Valencia’s draw with Getafe over the weekend, but their achievement has been overshadowed by Torrecilla’s likely deflection to Betis.

“Miguel hasn’t told us anything, we’re working on what comes ahead,” the Coach, whose contract expires at the end of the season, said at a Press conference.

“If Miguel decides to take another path, he’ll still have a friend in me who will appreciate him [for his work] and imagine Celta’s future with someone else, but it won’t affect my renewal.

“If we stay together, I’ll be happy, and if he leaves, I’ll wish him the best of luck.

“I think more than one team will be happy if I don’t stay here [in a joking tone], but my future only needs five minutes to be resolved.

“There won’t be any relaxation on our part because we’re very clear that we must first get into Europe and then distance ourselves from seventh as much as possible.

“At this stage of the season, there are no easy opponents because teams who are down there are clinging onto their dreams of survival which drive them on, and Granada are one of those teams.

“Still, we have the opportunity of confirming our entry into Europe [already achieved after Valencia’s draw to Getafe]. [On Monday], we can take a historic step for the city and our fans.

“We’ll need to press high and quickly to get the ball and have a lot of possession in order to overcome opponents who narrow the spaces very well.”

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