Ayestaran: Forget the past

Pako Ayestaran advises Valencia to forget the difficulties this season and adapt to the club’s current situation.

Ayestaran was on Gary Neville’s staff but replaced the Englishman earlier in April, and, speaking after the 4-0 win over Eibar, didn’t want to lament the campaign’s dropped points.

“You can’t influence the past. Things happen for a reason. You have to adapt to the circumstances and forget the past. The self-esteem of the players is higher than a week ago. There is huge satisfaction [among the players] because they see the work is paying off,” he said, AS reports.

“I know what I’ve told the players. I asked them how history is written. Day by day, page by page. What we write in the present can affect the future. We want to be reliable, to earn the respect of the fans, to have credibility as a team and increase the collective self-esteem. We have to worry about today.

“For me the form is very important. I don’t only care about winning. Sometimes I prefer a worse outcome if we do the right things. This was an attractive game.”

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