Figo: Barca run isn’t normal

Former Barcelona and Real Madrid winger Luis Figo says the bad run in which the Catalans find themselves ‘isn’t normal.’

Figo, speaking prior to the Laureus Sports Awards, explained how negative momentum can take hold, having experienced something similar at Santiago Bernabeu under Carlos Queiroz.

“Teams run on dynamics What’s happening to Barca isn’t normal. To lose so many consecutive matches isn’t logical, but when you’re like this it all goes badly,” he considered, AS reports.

“It’s a matter of dynamics. It doesn’t depend on the quality of the players, which isn’t up for discussion.

“But La Liga is open and anything can happen. Things get more tense and you have less margin for error and this is when it’s necessary to see the character of the teams.

“What happened with Queiroz? It can’t be explained, so what am I going to say? When you’re good for an entire season and in a week results cross you…these are the circumstances, this is sport and only people who have taken part in sport can understand how it is.

“If you’re in a positive dynamic, you’ll score three or four goals. If you’re in a negative dynamic, you won’t hit a rainbow. This is the beauty of sport. You don’t know what will happen until the last moment and that is what seems to be happening this year. What’s happened to Barca? I don’t know, ask the people there. I’m not part of Barca.”

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