Torres: Madrid? Atleti are humble…

Fernando Torres indirectly accused former Real Madrid President Lorenzo Sanz of being arrogant as “I love the ethos of Atletico Madrid and our humility”.

Sanz claimed over the weekend that Madrid would beat Atleti if the two clubs were involved in a repeat of the 2014 Champions League final next month, but Torres refused to hit back at the ex-supremo as it was against his side’s nature.

“[Sanz] is someone authorised to speak about Madrid,” the striker said at a promotional event on Monday.

“Every time I hear [club legends] Luiz Pereira, Garate or Adelardo talk, they make me proud to be an Atletico man because I identify with their sentiments.

“I love the ethos of Atletico, our humility and the euphoria in which we live.

“We have this great dream, but we’re awake and focused on Wednesday in Bilbao, and we’ll have time to solve what comes next.”

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