Cerezo: Tonight’s ref? Very good…

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo didn’t know who was refereeing the Champions League second leg with Barcelona but is pleased it’s Nicola Rizzoli.

Cerezo was one of many from Atletico unhappy with the performance of Felix Brych in the quarter-final first leg after Fernando Torres received two first half yellow cards but Luis Suarez escaped all punishment despite a number of incidents.

“Torres’ absence is very important because he’s been scoring lately,” Cerezo told reporters, according to AS, prior to the usual lunch with the opposition directors.

“I see the tie as 50-50. Atletico is an important team, a serious team, who have a winning spirit and faith in itself.

“Tonight’s referee? I don’t know who it is…Rizzoli? Very good.

“Tonight will be a great game. Games like this usually develop over 90 minutes. The important thing is to score and score another goal. Let’s go out for the tie.

“Barca are very difficult. They’ve had a few performances not in their usual category and will try to win here and play a big game.”

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