Barca VP in Panama papers

Barcelona Vice-President Carles Vilarrubi’s name has appeared in the leaked offshore tax documents, known as the Panama papers.

Reports in Spain, including from AS and El Confidencial, say that Vilarrubi’s presence in the released information relates to the sale of cava through a firm registered in the Bahamas.

“I can only confirm that the only link with me is the job of manager for Trebol International Group and Cavas de Juny, which produced and marketed the Cava Montesquiu, more than 20 years ago,” a Vilarrubi [pictured above with Josep Maria Bartomeu] statement read, El Periodico reports.

“At the time I managed the Cava for a group of owners, including different business activities. It was a total surprise [to see his name in the Panama papers].

“I only exercised executive functions derived from my job and responsibility in the company. Linking me to this case is unjustified and disproportionate as no employee acting on behalf of third parties may respond to the actions of the owners or shareholders.”

Lionel Messi’s name also came up in the leak, but the Messi family quickly denied any allegations of wrong-doing.

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