Barca, Sevilla in Copa request

Barcelona and Sevilla have requested the kick-off time for the Copa del Rey Final be moved from it’s scheduled 9.30pm.

The Catalans released a statement on their official website, echoed by Sevilla, that asked the RFEF to play the game earlier out of respect for supporters who have to travel to Atletico Madrid’s Vicente Calderon and back on May 22, a Sunday, and have to work the next day.

“With both sets of fans needing to return to their respective homes from Madrid, the current kick-off would mean that they would not get back to Barcelona and Seville until extremely early in the morning of Monday,” the statement noted.

“Therefore, both clubs want to make it public that the selection of the time of the final is a matter of will, and the fact that neither even have wanted to attend a requested of both clubs is a blatant disregard of sensitivity to both entities and their fans.

“Any kick-off time beyond 7.00pm is absolutely rejected by both clubs, who have come together to demand respect for their interests and assert their opinions on the Copa del Rey Final.”