Neymar contract leaked

Football Leaks has revealed how an influx of clauses and bonuses will see Neymar double his basic earnings over five years with Barcelona.

According to the website, Neymar receives €5m after tax every season, earning him a guaranteed €25m once his contract expires in 2018, but the latter figure will balloon to at least €49.5m.

The Brazilian was entitled to an €8.5m bonus just for joining La Blaugrana and will receive the difference if he fails to earn all of the €49.5m by 2018.

Regarding the clauses, Neymar pockets €100,000 for joining up with Barca each summer, regardless of whether or not he plays, €1.1m if he plays 60 percent of the club’s matches in a campaign, €637,500 for reaching the Champions League without the need for qualifiers, receives €425,000 when his side progress from the group stage and the same figure if he wins the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Providing he plays in at least 60% of Barca’s games, he would then be paid €637,500 for winning La Liga, €850,000 for the League and one of the Champions League and Copa del Rey, €1.1m for both cup competitions and €1.5m for the treble. He would net half of those figures if he did not meet the minimum appearance conditions.

Sporting achievements aside, Neymar is also obliged to learn Catalan as his contract reads of his “maximum efforts to integrate into Catalan society, respecting and assuming cultural values ​​of the region, especially engaging in learning the Catalan language, which is essential to this integration”.

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